Best Mailchimp Alternatives (Our Expert Pick)

Small businesses, nonprofits, online stores (eCommerce businesses), etc., as there are many email marketing services to settle on from. We’ve selected the simplest Mailchimp alternatives for specific use cases.

Recently, various alternative email marketing tools are launched to satisfy the email marketing needs of companies. If you are not sure Mailchimp is the best tool for your needs or if the plans offered don’t suit your finances, you’ll glance at other options.

Here are the simplest Mailchimp alternatives you’ll use.

1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is that the best email marketing service for little businesses and nonprofits.

It allows you to make professional email newsletters with an easy-to-use drag and drop editor in only minutes.

Constant Contact is a superb Mailchimp alternative for WordPress because it works with all popular WordPress plugins like OptinMonster, WPForms, etc. 


You get all the essential features like managing email lists, tracking email delivery, and open rates. Its beautiful reports show you the ways your email marketing campaigns are performing.

Constant Contact has basic email automation features that allow you to send welcome messages to new subscribers, trigger emails supported user behavior, and automatically resend emails to people who can’t open them.

It also has built-in tools for e-commerce solutions to help you reach existing customers. Constant Contact makes it easy for you to form surveys and surveys, donation pages for nonprofits, dynamic signup forms, and more.

The best part about Constant Contact is their unmatched support with live chat, phone calls, email, community support, and a massive library of helpful resources.

Pricing: $20 – $45 per month.

Constant Communication Pros:

  • The perfect all-in-one email marketing platform
  • An excellent option for beginners
  • Leading customer service

Constant Communication Cons:

  • Some advanced features are missing
  • Segmentation tools might be better

Continuous Communication Plans and Pricing:

Despite not having a free forever email marketing plan, Constant Contact’s free 60-day trial stands out as excellent.

Premium plans start at $20/month, with prices rising if you want more advanced features or have a more extensive contact list.

Custom Pro solutions also are available for high-end users.

Why Constant Contact is best than Mailchimp

If you would like phone support and more comprehensive customer support, Constant Contact may be a more sensible choice of email marketing platform to use.

If you’re a Shopify or eCommerce marketer, Omnisend is the most suitable option when choosing an email marketing platform. See our comparison Mailchimp vs. Constant Communication.

Why Use Mailchimp rather than Constant Communication?

Mailchimp has many users worldwide and offers an easy-to-use email editor and great features. Mailchimp is simpler to use, has more advanced features, templates, and integrations than Constant Contact.

2. Sendinblue

Sendinblue may be a powerful email marketing and SMS marketing service for businesses.

It’s full of powerful tools to make email newsletters, email marketing automation, SMS campaigns, landing pages, Facebook ads, live chat, and more.

Personalized marketing automation solutions allow you to email audience-supported user behavior.

It comes with an easy-to-use template generator and excellent email delivery to spice up your marketing campaigns.

SendinBlue makes an excellent alternative to Mailchimp with additional features like SMS marketing and lives chat software. They also offer fairer pricing plans, including a free forever plan for business owners.

I think it might be complicated to seek out a far better comprehensive email marketing tool than Sendinblue.

It features all the standard email marketing tools (with a couple of on top), advanced SMS marketing, transactional email, a landing page builder, and far more.

On top of that, there is a beginner-friendly drag-and-drop editor that you can use to make compelling, actionable emails.

And what’s more, slender blue charges supported the number of emails you send. This is often a pleasant change from the subscriber-based payment models most email marketing tools use.


Sendinblue Pros:

  • An excellent all-in-one marketing option
  • Email-based subscription system
  • Great for beginners

Sendinblue Cons:

  • Slightly limited automation tools
  • Editor lacks some design flexibility
  • Several third-party integrations

Sendinblue Plans and Pricing:

Unlike most email marketing tools, Sendinblue sets its prices to support the number of emails you send per month. All plans help unlimited contacts.

With a free subscription, you’ll be ready to send up to 300 messages per day.

Premium plans start at $25 per month for 10,000 emails per month, and custom solutions are available for premium users.

Why Use Sendinblue rather than Mailchimp?

If you would like to pay, supported by the number of emails you send monthly, SendInBlue is one of the sole options. Sendinblue’s free plan allows you to send 300 emails per day.

Sendinblue, unlike Mailchimp counting on what rate you’ve got, Sendinblue only charges for the emails you send. Mailchimp is set even for inactive subscribers.

Why Use Mailchimp rather than Sendinblue?

Mailchimp is more suitable for beginners and people who don’t need marketing automation capabilities.

How Does Sendinblue Compare as a MailChimp Competitor?

Unlike Mailchimp, Sendinblue’s free plan allows you to send to unlimited people. Sendinblue excels at transactional emails and features a more advanced automation system. You’ll also send SMS at very affordable prices, a feature not found in Mailchimp. However, Mailchimp’s template editor remains unrivaled.

All in all, if you’re trying to find an easy interface with unique SMS marketing options, Sendinblue looks like a solid choice for the MailChimp alternative.

Starting price: Free; 300 emails each day, unlimited contacts.

Pricing: Free – $66 per month.

3. ConvertKit

mailchimp vs convertkit:

They started their brand with the slogan: the facility of Infusionsoft with the convenience of Mailchimp.

ConvertKit may be a popular email marketing software for bloggers, writers, and creators.

ConvertKit offers accessible automation features with a drag and drop thread generator, so you’ll send automated email-supported user behavior. You’ll further segment your contacts with tags that supported how they interact together with your emails.

They offer beautiful landing page templates and customizable opt-in forms to grow your email list.

Convertkit, many popular third-party CRM software, options the leader creation tools like Shopify WooCommerce and e-commerce platforms are integrated with and more.

ConvertKit may be a great alternative to Mailchimp with a robust marketing automation platform for your bloggers, publishers, and writers. Here are constant contact pricing plans.

constant contact pricing plan: $29 – $79 per month.

ConvertKit may be a powerful email marketing platform specially designed for bloggers, course builders, podcasters, and YouTubers.

It’s a little pricey, but the choice of beginner-friendly tools on offer has got to be seen to be believed.

The landing page editor is superb; managing your subscriber list is easy, so the support team is fast and responsive.

On top of that, ConvertKit makes it easy to run well-targeted campaigns and can assist you in maximizing your return on investment.

ConvertKit Pros:

  • Excellent segmentation and targeting tools
  • A perfect choice for bloggers
  • Beginner-friendly interface

ConvertKit Cons:

  • Templates are straightforward
  • Value for money is average
  • Design flexibility is limited

ConvertKit Plans and Pricing:

I’m an enormous fan of CovertKit, which supports up to 1000 subscribers alongside the free forever plan, unlimited landing pages, a customizable area, and total traffic.

Paid subscriptions are expensive, starting at $29 per month for a basic 1000 subscription plan. As usual, prices increase as your contact list grows.

Why Use ConvertKit rather than Mailchimp?

ConvertKit is best fitted to professional bloggers and online content creators and can be employed by businesses of all shapes and sizes.

ConvertKit offers an easy-to-use interface and makes it super easy to manage your email marketing.

Why Use Mailchimp rather than ConvertKit?

Mailchimp is made for businesses large and small. Whether you are a hobby blogger or a News giant just like the Huffington Post, Mailchimp has you covered.

4. AWeber

AWeber is another great email marketing solution to attach with your users and accelerate business growth.

It comes with a powerful array of features like auto-fetch articles to make automated blog newsletter emails, beautiful email templates, email analytics, list segmentation, and automation tools.

Also, A/B separation testing, autoresponders, list management, etc. It also includes other standard features. 

Aweber, Mailchimp, e may be a direct subscriber and offer flexible pricing plans to support subscribers. It also includes a free trial for 30 days.

Pricing: $19 – $149

AWeber is my favorite choice for beginners, and permanently reason. It’s straightforward to use and yet doesn’t compromise on advanced tools and features.

The first one comes with complete marketing automation tools.

To take advantage of them, create conversion email funnels, and obtain the maximum number of individuals to read your messages with the platform’s features. We are leading deliverability rates.

AWeber Pros:

  • Excellent deliverability
  • Very beginner-friendly
  • Complete email funnel creation tools

AWeber Cons:

  • Email templates might be better
  • Quite expensive compared to other alternatives
  • AWeber Plans and Pricing:

Two different options are available. AWeber’s free plan supports up to 500 subscribers and 3000 emails per month but lacks optimization and other features.

A-Pro subscription will cost you anything from $19, counting on the dimensions of your listing. A 14.9% discount is out there for annual payments.

Why Aweber is best than Mailchimp

AWeber focuses on email delivery and offers one among the very best email delivery rates on the market. It provides an entire solution to automate your email funnel.

Unlike Mailchimp, Aweber is made with automation in mind.

Why Use Mailchimp rather than Aweber?

Unlike Mailchimp, Aweber doesn’t offer a free plan but does offer a generous 30-day free trial.

If you’ve never used an Email Marketing platform before and want to check the waters, use Mailchimp’s free plan.

5. Drip

Damla may be a popular email marketing automation service for e-commerce stores. It’s multi-channel touchpoints to succeed in customers by sending emails and creating engagement on social media accounts.

It helps to manage users’ supported interactions on your website. You’ll collect user data and save tags, events, and custom fields. It also automates reaching customers at the only adequate time, supporting their behavior within the purchase journey.

With advanced personalization, you’ll use customers’ data to make custom discount codes, product recommendations, price discount notifications, and more.

Suppose you would like to integrate your email marketing service with an eCommerce solution like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Shopify. In that case, Drip is the best Mailchimp alternative with several integrations to assist you in increasing your sales.

Pricing: $49 – $122

It’s never the leading beginner-friendly platform I’ve used, but it remains an excellent choice for those that need to optimize their marketing efforts.

While it’ll certainly work for other users, Drip is essentially targeted at online stores that want to grow their mailing lists and increase sales by creating well-targeted campaigns.

There are numerous optimization tools available, alongside automation designed to assist you in maximizing purchases and increase the efficiency of your campaigns.

Drip Pros:

  • Excellent customization tools
  • Intuitive interface
  • Powerful e-commerce tools

Drop Cons:

  • Not the foremost beginner-friendly option
  • It is often difficult to line up
  • Quite expensive compared to Mailchimp

Drop Plans and Pricing:

Drip offers a 14-day free trial, but unfortunately, they do not have a free forever plan, and their paid subscription is costly.

Prices start at $19 per month, but that only gets you up to 500 subscribers. As an example, support for 10,000 subscribers costs $154 per month.

Why Use Drip rather than Mailchimp?

Drip isn’t designed for the typical marketer. If you would like to require your email marketing to a subsequent level, accompany Drip.

They take all of your customer data and exerting to show it into personal emails for you.

Why Use Mailchimp rather than Drip?

Mailchimp is far easier to put in and understand than Drop. If you’re starting and wish an accessible platform, accompany Mailchimp.

6. GetResponse

GetResponse is email marketing software for tiny businesses. Almost like other popular email marketing services, it offers multiple solutions like email marketing, automation, landing pages, and more.

You can found out your email marketing campaigns with its templates and style beautiful emails with a few clicks. You’ll also use landing pages to capture more leads.WordPress, Magento, Slack, etc. It comes with powerful integrations that allow you to attach your favorite apps.

Pricing: $15 – $1199 per month.

getresponse review –If you are looking for more powerful automation options than Mailchimp has to offer, GetResponse could also be an excellent choice.

In short, it comes with tools to assist you in streamlining daily workflows and automate most of the email marketing process.

And, there are many attractive templates, an easy-to-use editor, excellent deliverability, funnels, a landing page builder, and more.

Indeed, GetResponse provides an entire package when it involves the tools you would like to make high-quality conversion marketing funnels.

GetResponse Pros:

  • Excellent selection of additional tools
  • Powerful marketing automation features
  • Leading email deliverability

GetResponse Cons:

  • Email builder is somewhat limited
  • No automation tools with cheap plans
  • It can be not very clear for beginners

GetResponse ‘s cheapest Basic plan starts at $15 per month for up to 1000 contacts, but you will need to upgrade if your list is more extensive than that.

Get additional tools with a Plus (from $49 per month) or Professional (from $99 per month) subscription.

Significant discounts are also available on one (-18%) and two (-30%) year subscriptions, alongside a 30-day free trial for all plans.

Why Use GetResponse rather than Mailchimp?

If you would like a platform that will assist you in automating most aspects of your marketing funnel, then GetResponse is that the thanks to going.

Why Use Mailchimp rather than GetResponse?

If you’re starting and wish an easy platform to manage your Email Marketing, Mailchimp is the thanks to going.

7. MailerLite

MailerLite is another reliable email marketing service and a superb Mailchimp alternative. It comes with a beginner-friendly email editor and pre-made email templates for various campaigns.

You can use landing pages, popups, or embedded signup forms to capture leads. It comes with powerful email automation, segmentation, and personalization features that allow you to focus on the proper users at the appropriate time.

You can analyze your strategy with built-in reporting tools or run A/B split tests to enhance your campaigns.

Pricing: Free – $50 per month. I love MailerLite’s free forever subscription options, but its paid options are never wrong either.

Several advanced tools come, including a strong landing page builder, subscription popups, and various workflow automation features.

What’s more, you’ll enjoy A/B testing, survey support, and one-click integration with numerous third-party platforms.

MailerLite Pros:

  • So generous, free forever plan
  • Great automation features
  • Powerful marketing funnel tools

MailerLite Cons:

  • Email editor could be better
  • Deliverability is often a priority
  • A little confusing to start out

MailerLite Plans and Pricing:

Free plan forever with MailerLite Up to 12,000 subscribers will enjoy 1000 emails per month.

You will get to upgrade to a premium subscription to unlock all advanced features. It starts at a competitive price of $10 per month.

What’s more, with the 30% discount on annual subscriptions under consideration, the costs become even more competitive.

Why is MailerLite a far better alternative to Mailchimp? is a reasonable yet advanced email marketing platform that will assist you in managing and automate all of your email marketing funnels.

It comes with tools to assist you in creating your design: landing pages, subscription popups, and email automation.

Conclusion: Which is that the best Mailchimp alternative?

bulk email marketing services. Constant Contact is a superb choice if you’re trying to find a Mailchimp alternative for WordPress. An easy-to-use platform for little businesses and nonprofits, robust integrations, high-quality support, and affordable pricing.

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