Online learning platforms are growing rapidly and offering learners a wide range of options and options. Some such best online learning platforms allow learners to enroll in courses as they work, while others enable learners to pay for courses as they proceed. Either way, the way you pay for a course affects your course’s success.  

One way to boost your chances of completing a course is to pay upfront for all the course materials. This way, you will be able to move quickly through a course, leaving plenty of time to pick up the skills you need.

Online learning platforms with certification are changing the way people learn about business courses and programs, especially for mid-level job seekers. In the course of this growing opportunity and evolving business landscape, the next generation of professionals is getting accustomed to getting on a webinar to get education and training in real-time. Webinars allow organizations to provide instant and on-demand delivery of learning to new consumers and alumni at a great cost-saving proposition.

This article will cover some of the best online learning platforms with certification that will help you skill up!

What is an online learning platform?

An online learning platform is a Learning Management System known as an E-learning platform.

E-learning platforms are also known as cloud-based software suites, enabling companies to provide content and learning resources to their employees. E-learning platforms are usually cloud-based and provide 24/7 access to e-learning courses and related training opportunities. The e-learning platform is also called “course management system,” “teaching platform,” or “e-learning management system.”

An online learning platform is a room or portal that contains educational content and/or real-time instructions on a specific topic or many different topics. These platforms, also called “eLearning,” are usually membership-based, but there are other ways for users to participate and learn without registering immediately.

On these platforms, schools, universities, and institutions can use it for teaching thought online.

There are many E-learning platforms available in the market, and each comes with different features and functionalities. Therefore, the best method is to select one with the best features and functionalities, from which you can gain the most benefits.

Below we gather some of the best online learning platforms with certification and their reviews or people feedbacks, Pros & Cons, and prices.


Best Online learning platforms with certification 2022

List of online learning platforms:


Udemy Best Online learning platforms with certification, Clever Decide.

Udemy is the revolutionary best online learning platform with certification that provides the world with high-quality, high-value courses. Udemy includes more than 10 million video, audio, and text courses on virtually any topic imaginable, taught by a global community of instructors. 

Intended for anyone from hobbyists to professionals, Udemy courses provide the perfect path to learning. It is the best free digital learning platform.

Udemy is dedicated to creating great educational experiences that meet the unique needs of people at all stages of their careers.

Udemy is an online learning & teaching platform with more than 155,000+ courses & 40+ million students. That offers many courses such as programming, marketing, data science, and many more!

Join With Millions of Learners From Around The World Already Learning On Udemy! Find out the right instructor for you, any topic, skill level, or language. Expert Instructors. 

30-Day Money Guarantee. Download To Your Phone. Courses in 60+ Languages. Lifetime Access.

Courses available:

  • Development
  • Business
  • Finance & Accounting
  • IT & Software
  • Office Productivity
  • Personal Development
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Lifestyle
  • Photography & Video
  • Health & Fitness
  • Music
  • Teaching & Academics

What do people say about Udemy?

Laura of Malta, NY
During the quarantine period, after losing all my music works, I searched the Internet for formal education. Udemy offers a variety of courses, some of which start at $12.99, making it easier for you to browse your wallet. I have participated in various courses on orchestral music, composition, MIDI programming, etc.

Although I like some more than others (personal preference for learning style), *all* is rich in content and well introduced. The teachers clearly understand their Subject…If there is a more expensive course (for example, $99), wait a moment, and it is likely to reach $1,220 soon.

They always have sales. Udemy saved my heart and taught me something at a very reasonable price this year. Awesome! In my opinion, Udemy is the best online learning platforms.

Tucker of Sebastopol, CA
I was very surprised to see such bad comments about Udemy! I started using Udemy when I was 15 because I wanted to learn Unity (a game engine), and I purchased 4 courses on the subject. The first one I started was the best; I only succeeded halfway; I am very happy! The video quality is Very-high, and the course has a note-taking system, which is very useful for me! I cannot comment on the other courses I purchased, but I think they will be the same.

Tatianna G. of North Hollywood, CA
Udemy is my all-time favourite best online learning platforms, and I currently have more than 85 courses in my account. I believe that the platform is easy to use, and you can contact the instructor no matter how long it is from the beginning of the course.

Udemy Pros and Cons:-


  • Course variety
  • Lifetime access
  • Free courses are available
  • Pay-per-course
  • Certification
  • Top trending
  • 30-day money-back guaranty


  • No academic credit
  • Can be pricey

Udemy prices: 

Some popular online learning platforms have a membership system, but Udemy is a pay-per-course service. Udemy’s prices range from $9 to $300, and the company sells frequently. 


Udemy accepts international credit and debit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers. 30-day money-back guarantee.

For those who wish-to-develop or improve their skills, Udemy is a good choice. It offers many courses with different learning styles and provides lifetime access.

Start your learning with the best online learning platforms.

LinkedIn Learning Ex Lynda:

LinkedIn Learning Ex Lynda Best Online learning platforms with certification, Clever Decide.

LinkedIn Learning is a popular e-learning platform that helps students improve their career prospects and skills. LinkedIn courses cover almost all imaginable topics, providing one-to-one tutoring and a choice of learning paths.

LinkedIn Learning offers more than 16,800 courses, each with experts in its own field. New courses from LinkedIn are constantly being added, and since the acquisition of Lynda Learning, these courses have also been migrated to LinkedIn Learning.  

With great emphasis on connecting potential employers with qualified new students, the platform provides students with plenty of opportunities for social interaction. 

After successfully completing each lesson, a certificate will be issued.

Courses available:

  • Business 
  • IT & Technology 
  • Creative
  • Finance and Accounting 
  • Human Resources 
  • Leadership and Management 
  • Marketing 
  • Professional Development 
  • Project Management

Most Popular LinkedIn-Learning Courses of the Year:

  • Excel 2016 Essential Training
  • Project Management Foundations
  • Programming Foundations: Fundamentals
  • Cert Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • JavaScript Essential Training
  • Python Essential Training
  • Body Language for Leaders
  • HTML Essential Training

What do people say about LinkedIn Learning Ex Lynda?

Kristie K
I heard about LinkedIn-Learning LinkedIn because I am a student who uses LinkedIn to communicate. I work at NBC Universal & I heard about LinkedIn Learning because my department has free courses on the website. The first certification I received was the 12 Principles of Animation. I got it in 2021 because I am interested in free courses. I have two bachelor’s degrees in design, and I don’t want to drop out of school.

LinkedIn Learning is a great way to learn new skills, which can come in handy in your work. NBC Universal has more free LinkedIn Learning certification courses, and I look forward to developing new skills. The comment will be compiled and published on

Ryan B
-Marketing Operations
“I use LinkedIn Learning to expand my knowledge to conduct business efficiently; I love it.” 
I like all of the options they give you. There are almost unlimited possibilities for any course you can think of. People can benefit by posting LinkedIn Learning on their feeds/accounts. LinkedIn Learning can let your colleagues and potential employees know that you are actively participating in professional development courses. The certificate provided by LinkedIn will remain in your profile until you delete it; this can give you an advantage over other candidates. It deserves to be the best online learning platforms.

Chandresh M
-Software Developer
“Well Established tool for Professional Learning” 
It contains subjects from all fields. Whether you are from any area, you will find content for your requirements. You can learn content anytime, anywhere. Features like resume from last played the video, saving part, taking more features I like the most. We can also download the videos offline on our device, so if sometimes the internet is not available, then we can use these downloaded videos.

LinkedIn Learning Pros and Cons:-


  • Professionally made
  • Easy to use
  • Nice features
  • Certification
  • 1-month free trial


  • No pricing options (only monthly and annual plans)
  • Lack of specific course difficulties (not enough advanced level courses)

LinkedIn Learning prices:

Linkedin learning price, Best Online learning platforms with certification, Clever Decide.


1-month free trial

then $39.99/month*


1-month free trial

then $24.99/month*   (Save 38%)

Find the right course. Choose from more than 16,800 courses and learning paths, adding more than a dozen every week.


Edx Best Online learning platforms with certification, Clever Decide.

Edx is the best free online learning platform for gathering knowledge about the subject you love.

It is a non-profit organization founded by MIT and Harvard. It offers 3000 courses and projects from 140 different educational institutions. edX is the leading online learning platform with 25+ million students worldwide.

To explore 3,000+ courses, please visit the course catalog on edX. Courses consist of video, text content, discussion forums, and several problems and assessment types.  

In short, edX is good for:-

  • Professionals looking to gain skills
  • Gain knowledge to advance in your careers
  • Learn at your own place
  • Verified certificates to add to academic or professional portfolios
  • Individuals looking for affordable courses

Courses available by subject:

  • Architecture 
  • Art & Culture 
  • Biology & Life Sciences 
  • Business & Management 
  • Chemistry 
  • Communication 
  • Computer Science 
  • Data Analysis & Statistics 
  • Design 
  • Economics & Finance 
  • Education & Teacher 
  • Training 
  • Electronics 
  • Energy & Earth Sciences 
  • Engineering 
  • Environmental Studies 
  • Ethics 
  • Food & Nutrition 
  • Health & Safety 
  • History 
  • Humanities 
  • Language 
  • Law 
  • Literature 
  • Math 
  • Medicine 
  • Music 
  • Philanthropy 
  • Philosophy & Ethics 
  • Physics 
  • Science 
  • Social Sciences

Most Popular Edx subjects of the Year:

Edx top courses Best Online learning platforms with certification, Clever Decide.
  • Computer Science
  • Language
  • Data Science
  • Business & Management
  • Engineering
  • Humanities

What do people say about Edx?

“Decent powerBI course. confident user now.”
I did the PowerBi Course (Analyzing & Visualizing Data with Power BI from DavisonX) and paid the charge for it. Overall I changed into satisfied with the content material and what I was given from it. I went from understanding not anything at the problem to the factor in which I changed into capable of constructing an entire setup at work with the abilities I learned.

“I would recommend”
I have participated in many EdX courses and programs, and I am generally satisfied with them. I recently encountered a technical problem and need to contact support. The next day, they replied with a solution. Obviously satisfying service and the content of the courses were great.

Priya Greig
Good courses about business
Edx is the best online platform for learning. My coworker introduced me to the website, and I learned new skills about the business that will be useful to manage our Little-store.

Edx Pros and Cons:-


  • Accredited Certificates
  • A Wide-range of features to choose from 
  • 14-day Refund Policy
  • Free Course Audit Option
  • Learn At Your Own Pace
  • University-level courses


  • To get a certificate, you must be enrolled in the verified paid track and complete the course with a passing grade.
  • If you lack self-discipline, online learning may be difficult. In this case, I recommend that you register for instructor-led courses on a fixed schedule. 
  • Master’s programs are quite expensive.

Edx prices:

edX offers a variety of courses at different prices to reflect the type of course. If you are looking for “Pursue the Verified track” (paid option), the price range is usually between US$50 and US$300, which is cheaper than a full master’s degree. The price of a course ranges from US$10,000 to US$25,000. Below, I will introduce in more detail the other vocational courses offered by edX.

Master’s Degree:- $10,000 to $25,000 

MicroMasters:- $600 to $1,500 

MicroBachelors Programs:- $500 to $1,500 

Professional Certificate Programs:- $150 to $1,000 

Global Freshman Academy:- Approximately $200 


Udacity Best Online learning platforms with certification, Clever Decide.

Udacity is well known as the best online learning platforms with certification. 

It is an online learning platform that trains students for in-demand, technology-based careers. It offers both short online courses and Nanodegree programs in autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, business, cloud computing, data science, and programming.

Udacity has approximately 12 million users and 300 employees. Since its establishment, more than 100,000+ students have completed this technology and business-oriented e-learning platform.

What is Udacity Nanodegrees?

Udacity Nanodegrees is an online certification program that usually lasts up to 3-6 months, similar to edX MicroMasters or Coursera MasterTracks. They are very flexible and are designed to work according to your schedule so that you can learn at your own pace. All courses also include hands-on learning projects and technical instructors in case you encounter difficulties.

Udacity currently provides 30 days of free access to each of its Nanodegrees. This offer will not last long if you want to find out more! Click Here

Udacity best courses, Best Online learning platforms with certification, Clever Decide.

Courses available:

Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous Systems


Cloud Computing


Data Science

Product Management

Programming & Development



Business Analytics 


Data Engineer 

Data Analyst 

Intro to Programming 

Digital Marketing 

Self Driving Car Engineer

What do people say about Udacity?

Raytheon | Data Scientist
“The course is directly aimed at the application methods of top projects-real data sets with industrial partners. This has helped me achieve my career transition goals.”

Comcast | Lead Data Scientist
“Surely it is the best online learning platforms. The courses are specific to what I want to learn. These tasks are specific to the industry in which I work. I am able to develop new language translation tools for my company.”

Panera Bread | Data Administrator
“At Udacity, I was attracted by courses developed by people who have worked for some of the largest and most successful technology companies. I Love That!”

Udacity Pros and Cons:-


  • Top-Quality Content
  • Easy To Use
  • Free Courses
  • Certificates
  • Improve your CV
  • 30-days free access


  • The Udacity website and the backend are available in other languages, but the course materials are mainly in English; some courses have subtitles in other languages.
  • Udacity is not cheap. If you want to participate in any of their plans, you will need a certain budget.
  • Udacity iOS and Android apps were removed from the App Store in 2019. Therefore, if you want to learn anytime, anywhere, you can use Coursera and Skillshare apps to download courses/courses.

Udacity prices:

Udacity plans cost $399 USD (€359 or €329 euros) per month. If you work an average of 5-10 hours per week, each plan will last 2 to 6 months. Some Nanodegrees in Udacity can be completed at your own pace.

There are 200+ courses that you can enjoy for free at Udacity. But these free courses have some limitations, for instance, you won’t be able to get a completion certificate, and you won’t be entitled to mentor support.

Some of the Nanodegrees may offer a 1-month free promotional campaign to check it out; visit here.

Enjoy your leer

Udacity is offering a 75% Flash Sale on their programs! Check it Now!


Coursera Best Online learning platforms with certification, Clever Decide.

Coursera is well known as one of the best online learning platforms, offering thousands of courses from schools such as Yale and companies such as Google.

Coursera is an online e-learning platform with thousands of free courses as well as professional certification and degree courses.

Course content ranges from computer science and IT support to art history and positive psychology provided by leading universities and companies.

It cooperates with more than 200 world-leading universities and companies such as Yale University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Google, IBM, Amazon, Facebook, etc., to provide thousands of online courses.

Is Coursera free?  

Many Coursera courses can be tested for free, but students cannot get grading assignments or certificates of completion when testing courses. 

Courses that belong to longer courses or majors can usually be tried for free for 7 days.

Coursera goals, Best Online learning platforms with certification, Clever Decide.

Courses available by topic:

  • Data Science
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Personal Development
  • Information Technology
  • Language Learning
  • Health Math and Logic
  • Social Sciences
  • Physical Science and Engineering
  • Arts and Humanities

Most popular courses on Coursera 2022:

Google Data Analytics

Indigenous Canada

Google Project Management

Google UX Design

IBM Data Science

Google IT Support

IBM Data Analyst

Deep Learning AI

Introduction to Data Science

Data Science Fundamentals with Python and SQL

What do people say about Coursera?

R M 
Content Developer | Internet
“Best platform for students & professionals to learn from world-class people from top companies”
What I mostly like about this platform is that it offers various courses from different universities and companies all over the world. My next favourite is the peer review of the project, which can help students learn quickly and apply what they have learned to analyze other people’s projects and correct their mistakes by executing the comments of other colleagues. 
Thank you, Coursera, for providing education to everyone, no matter where you live or where you are. I also like the way Coursera asks students for information to provide tailored advice.

Amin B 
-Teaching assistant
“Coursera helping us with high-quality courses.”
Coursera is the best online learning platform. Courses on Coursera are offered by large companies and universities. Instructors usually have a good understanding of concepts, and most of the course materials are usually practical and necessary.

Labs, projects, and mentoring projects allow you to conduct hands-on experiments to help you master skills and help you write your resume. Of course, some courses will have community and some benefits after you complete them,  which will help you to find your next career and handle the problems you encounter, which is awesome!!!

Sarah M 
Graphic Designer | Law Practice
“Great courses could improve UX.”
I honestly liked how easy it was to attend classes, the information was easy to understand, and I liked how the quizzes worked. I think that they have many great courses, and it is easy to sign up and upskill yourself.

Coursera Pros and Cons:-


  • Self-paced
  • High-quality video
  • Free courses available
  • Free seven-day trial
  • Certification


  • Inflexible enrollment 
  • Some courses are pricey.

Coursera prices:

The cost of the Coursera course ranges from $39 or $49 per month to hundreds of dollars, depending on the type and topic. 

The website also offers Coursera Plus, with an annual fee of US$399, and members can access more than 90% of the online courses (more than 3000+ courses) on the e-learning platform without restrictions.


Futurelearn Best Online learning platforms with certification, Clever Decide.

FutureLearn is an Online learning platform with a certification education provider based in the United Kingdom that provides online courses from leading universities and institutions around the world.

Usually, it is called MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses. It currently has 250+ partners, including many leading universities in the UK. Amnesty International and UNESCO are non-university partners. FutureLearn currently has 12.5+ million users. On Quora, people suggest it as the best Online learning platform with certification.

Courses available by subject:

Business & Management

Creative Arts & Media

Healthcare & Medicine


IT & Computer Science




Nature & Environment

Politics & Society

Psychology & Mental Health

Science, Engineering & Maths

Study Skills


Most popular courses on Futurelearn:

Business Fundamentals: Effective Communication

Basic English 1: Elementary

English for Academic Study

Understanding IELTS: Speaking

Understanding IELTS: Reading

Archaeology: from Dig to Lab and Beyond

The Digital Economy: Selling Through Customer Insight

Maintaining a Mindful Life

Start Writing Fiction

Forensic Psychology: Witness Investigation

How to Succeed at Interviews

Empire: the Controversies of British Imperialism

What do people say about Futurelearn?

Marissa G.
The FutureLearn content is very interesting and helpful to me; I found some tips and learned about new applications that help me develop my class. I learned new ways to present the class, develop the class, provide feedback, and solve some problems in the online class. Skills, I have gained good experience in the course. In the same way, in the online English learning class, find out comments and share with students’ opinions.

Akshay S 
Technology Analyst 
Information Technology and Services
“Excellent platform for self-learning courses”

FutureLearn is a great way to expand my knowledge. I have taken more than 5 courses here. All courses are of high quality, and it didn’t cost me anything to learn because they are free. All videos are very simple and easy to understand, with useful graphics, the courses are carefully designed and will not take long to find out your favourite course, and you can choose the best university for the course. 

The user interface is very light, easy to navigate, and you can easily find the course you need in less than 2 minutes. It is very useful to expand your knowledge for a job change or higher education.

Sumant L 
Tech Blogger
“Great place to learn and explore courses”
I think that this software offers some of the best courses to learn online and excel in a particular skill with minimum fees or no fees. There are good courses for Languages, especially those that I loved the most. So, detailed and in easy language. Some of the other courses for Business, Tech, and others have also attracted me, and I like new additions also.

Futurelearn Pros and Cons:-


  • High-Quality Courses
  • Great Community of Lifelong Learners
  • Free Courses Available
  • Quality Credentials from Leading Universities
  • Certification
  • Partnerships with numerous universities
  • Clear structure


  • Some poor student reviews online
  • It could get really expensive
  • No Android or iOS apps

Futurelearn prices:

Free:- Get free for the duration of the course plus 14 days.  

Upgrade:- From about $50 – $90, depending on the course. 

Unlimited:- $279.99 per/year.

What Are Online Course Platforms?

The online course platform is a learning management system (LMS) that provides users with access to digital classrooms. These virtual courses are similar to offline courses: teachers provide an engaging learning experience through video, images, text, audio, and PDF file.

Students follow the LMS software, take notes, conduct exercises, and take exams to test their knowledge.

Some of the best online learning platforms with certification tools like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning Ex Lynda,,,, and all features are a robust feature set for course creators. 

The course software includes functions such as a fully responsive website, easy uploading of content, the capability to edit the look and feel of the classroom, marketing features, course completion certificates, sales funnels, etc.

They basically provide you with everything you need to sell courses online, and some even offer you the option of creating your own courses for free.

Course creators choose a platform and then charge students a fixed fee to access their courses.

How to Create and Sell Online Courses?

The first step in an online sales course is to start with your ultimate goal and then work backward. How will you change the lives of students, and how will they change after completing the course? You should begin your course by planning the transformation that students can achieve.

To acknowledge what your students want to learn, discuss your topic on the forum and see the most popular questions people have asked. Quora is a good place to do this.

Once you understand how to solve students’ problems, you can create a clear learning path that guides them to achieve the given goals.

Clarify their results at every step of the course. By setting a clearly defined learning path and ultimate goal, your students will be more actively involved in your content.

Here are the top 10 ways to create and sell online courses:-

1. Figure Out the Cost to Develop Your Online Course.

2. Use the Best Software and Equipment such as Microphones, Headphones, USB Webcam, Lighting & accessories, Screen recording program, Audio, and video editing software.

3. Create Valuable Content.

4. Differentiate Your Website.

5. Take Time to Market Your Business.

6. Have Control Over Your Brand.

7. Deliver an Exceptional Learning Experience.

8. Integrate with Other Tools.

9. Align sales with your budget and 

10. When you need help, Get customer support.

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