Grammarly is a popular grammar-checking and proofreading tool. It can be used to correct mistakes in your writing and highlight areas that need improvement. Grammarly in Microsoft MS Word does not require any additional software installation, as it’s an online app that you can use right from the MS Word interface. In this article, we will show how to add Grammarly in MS Word and then go on to provide some tips on how to use it effectively!

Grammarly in MS word

Grammarly is the best software to help you in writing. It can correct grammar mistakes, spelling errors, punctuation issues and improve your vocabulary, among other things. Grammarly makes sure that all of your content reaches its full potential; it does this by working seamlessly with MS Word hence helping you write better content for any purpose.

Grammarly in MS Word How to add Grammarly in Word How to use it, by Md Jayed Minar.
Grammarly in MS Word How to add Grammarly in Word How to use it

How to Add Grammarly in MS Word?

Grammarly in ms word step 01
Grammarly in MS Word Step 01

Step #01: First of all, you need to go on the web and search for “Grammarly download for Microsoft Word.” or Click on this link> Download 

Grammarly in MS Word Step 2
Grammarly in MS Word Step 2

Step # 02: Download the “GrammarlyAddInSetup.exe” file. Don’t worry! It is free to download. You don’t even have to buy a premium version because this process is entirely free. Once you are done with downloading, open your file where you want Grammarly to be active.

Grammarly in MS Word Step 03
Grammarly in MS Word Step 03

Step # 03: Open the exe file as “Run as Administrator”  and install the file. 

Grammarly in MS Word Step 04
Grammarly in MS Word Step 04

Step # 04:  There will be asked for two options one is “Grammarly for Word,” and the other one is “Grammarly for Outlook.” Select your choice to Install Grammarly. You can also choose both options!

Grammarly in MS Word Step
Grammarly in MS Word Step 05

Step # 05:  Now, you will see the Grammarly icon on your MS Word toolbar, just next to the File menu and Review tab, which is at the top of this program. Click it right away! It’s very easy but doesn’t worry if you feel confused because I am here for support 24/24.

Grammarly in MS Word Step 06
Grammarly in MS Word Step 06

Step # 06: You can see that Grammarly automatically starts checking your text and gives you tips on how to improve it, just like a real editor would do.

Grammarly for MS Word: How to Add Grammarly, How to Use It?

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How to Use Grammarly in MS Word?

Before you start using Grammarly, it’s important to understand that this tool doesn’t work the same way as MS Word does. It is designed for a different purpose, so don’t blame Grammarly if something goes wrong. There are two ways how to use Grammarly with Microsoft Word – with your mouse or with keyboard shortcuts.

The best technique to learn how to use this tool is by actually trying it. You have nothing to lose because of the fact that it’s free, so why don’t you give it a try right now and see what results come up! If you’re still not sure whether Grammarly is Really Free and Safe for your writing, check out the reviews from Clever Decide.

An easy way to add Grammarly into Microsoft Word is through the official toolbar, which can be accessed from any open MS Word document or through ‘Grammarly for Chrome.’

– Once you have downloaded and installed the Grammarly extension, it will automatically start working.

– The user interface of this software is very simple, with just a few buttons and features.

– Grammarly for MS Word offers you several tools such as ‘Proofreading,’ which checks your work for grammar, spelling, punctuation errors, etc., the auto-correction feature that suggests corrections in case of grammatical mistakes, and much more!

–  The greatest feature of this program is its compatibility with Microsoft Office.

– Grammarly has some limitations, though, which are mainly due to its compatibility issues with MS Office Suite.

– It doesn’t support signed-in mode on any other browsers except Chrome, and the users need a subscription for getting additional features such as website blocker, etc.

How does Grammarly work with Microsoft Office 2016 (Word)? Can you see the button when it’s installed?

The process of adding Grammarly in MS word is simple and easy. For this, you need to go through the following steps:

-Open Microsoft Office 2016 (Word) program on your device. Go to the ‘File’ menu. From options, select the ‘Accounts’ option from the drop-down list present at the top of this window.

-After that, you need to go through the ‘Office Store’ options and then click on the Grammarly option, which will be visible there in order to download and install it for free.

-Now, when you have completed all the above steps successfully, a new toolbar with the Grammarly icon will arrive at the top of the MS Word window.

-And after this, you can use Grammarly in Microsoft Office 2016 (Word) whenever required for editing your documents and messages by clicking on the toolbar icon present at the top right corner of a document or message area.

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What does Grammarly do? How is it different from MS Word spelling checker?

Grammarly is a professional proofreading tool that corrects all your errors in writing and improves the quality of content. It points out to you what needs correction, helping you make changes accordingly. Grammarly checks for contextual spelling mistakes, grammar problems, punctuation issues as well as misused words within seconds when used with Microsoft Office 2016 (Word).

The good thing about Grammarly is that it not only corrects punctuation and spelling errors but also highlights the words which you may misuse in a sentence. For instance: improper use of “affect” vs. “effect,” or using phrases such as “hot water heater” instead of “water heater.”

In MS Word, you get a standard spelling and grammar checker which doesn’t offer context. It makes suggestions on changing words or phrases, but Grammarly does it in an intelligent way by highlighting the mistake along with correct usage of that particular word. In this way, Grammarly is different from MS word’s spellcheck feature.

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