Grammarly Review (2022): Is Grammarly Worth It? Who is Grammarly for?

Can a grammar checker like Grammarly replace a person’s copywriter and proofreader? Is Grammarly Corrector Worth It?

Are Grammarly’s free checks enough on my behalf, or do I want to upgrade to Grammarly Premium? Should I install Grammarly on Chrome? How effective is Grammarly for Word? Is it worth downloading the Grammarly desktop app? Does Grammarly cost money?

In this article, I will be able to explain what Grammarly is, its features, what it does (functions of all versions and products), the pros and cons of using Grammarly, my review of Grammarly, which should use the free version, and who should use the premium version and therefore the difference between the 2. I will be able also to tell you ways to use Grammarly correctly. I will then compare it to other popular tools and suggest those that fit your needs.

How to write better with Grammarly

Grammarly proofreads content written in English (American, British, Australian, and Canadian) and provides detailed performance statistics. Weekly editorial statistics are emailed to the user’s account, and you’ll download a full PDF that extensively illustrates your performance.

If you’re new to Grammarly and wondering about the differences between Grammarly Free and Grammarly Premium, you’ve come to the proper place.

This article will describe the advantages of Grammarly Premium, show you ways to use it, and provide you tips for Grammarly Free if you’re not able to upgrade. The importance of excellent proofreading and editing is undeniable.

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What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a web digital writing assistant that checks a series of English grammar and spelling mistakes. It also helps improve writing with its excellent context-based clarity suggestions (Premium version). Grammarly in MS Word is also reliable, you can also use it on smartphones through the app.

Best app for writing: Grammarly may be a writing aid that checks for spelling mistakes, grammar rules, and clarity issues and identifies the tone of writing to supply relevant instructions with its error cards. It also features a plagiarism checker, which is out there with the Premium version.

Grammarly gives you tips for writing a book, writing an essay, and writing cover letters.

How does Grammarly work?

Its add-on automatically detects issues in the desktop app, online editor, and browser content (even in Google Docs, which is in beta right now). On the other hand, for the MS Word add-on, you would like to click on the Grammarly button to activate the appliance. Grammarly explains all the issues detected via a mistaken map which contains relevant information for every item. You’ll apply it by clicking on the suggestion, ignoring the matter, or adding it to the dictionary (if there’s a spelling problem). You’ll also give your opinion (if you think that the suggestion is wrong). The free version checks only critical spelling and grammar errors.

The Tone Detector helps you estimate the tone of the whole document, which may be invaluable for several writers who target a specific audience, for instance, formal writing intended for a business audience. write your best with Grammarly

FREE app for writers limits (for beginners)

Grammarly, on the entire, excels at almost everything it does, and thus the free version is suggested for everybody. Grammarly provides a generic readability score. Free app for writers. But Advanced grammar checks like clarity checker, plagiarism checker, and lots of other features aren’t available for the free version. Grammarly for google docs(my favourite place to use it). but if you are wondering if Is Grammarly really free and safe? then check out our blog for more details.

Grammarly is dominant among its competitors, but it doesn’t solve all the English language issues. It’s useful for spotting syntax but still lacks significant semantics of errors, which may drag people who aren’t particularly experts in English, as they’re going not to notice these errors.

Good The Bad & The ugly one

Ease of use – simple, intuitive and efficient interface English language only A bit expensive.

 Grammarly cost per month 🙁 primarily the monthly subscription at $ 29.95 per month)

Context-based grammar checks Not 100% accurate (mainly missing linguistic errors) No free trial for the premium version.

A fantastic grammar checker: The business account starts at three users and is billed supported by the number of users (can be a touch pricey for small businesses)—one report (license) for the Premium version. You’ll use it on up to 5 devices.

How to Improve Writing Skills in English Online?

I know you’ll be wondering, “Can grammar improve my writing?”

Yes. For casual writer who wants to enhance their skills, the accessible version of Grammarly can dramatically improve their writing. Upgrading to Grammarly Premium offers significant value in becoming a stronger writer for the intense writer who produces large amounts of content (blog posts, eBooks, social media content, emails, reports).

Grammarly may be a handy widget for bloggers, journalists, and authors. They are often used online (check out their free browser extensions just like the Grammarly Chrome extension), in Google Docs (my favourite place to use it), in Grammarly Editor, desktop app, in Microsoft Office on Windows and Mac, Grammarly on mac, on iOS and Android mobile devices, and Grammarly for iPad. They need you covered for each device.

The grammar highlights spelling and grammar mistakes as you write (as you’ll see above – pretty meta, right?). The real-time digital editor also suggests changes and explains their suggestions, supplying you with the choice to simply accept or ignore them. The Grammarly spell check feature is merely the beginning of its feature set. The proofreading and editing tool is far more.

Another cool feature is that the emoji-powered grammar tone detector, which analyzes the tone of your writing. The tone detector lets you know if your copy sounds formal, upbeat, confident, happy, angry, etc. (see all the various tones within the screenshot above). This is often really useful for social media copy. It is also interesting how Grammarly analyzes and scores your writing for every text block within the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

How does Grammarly improve your writing?

How to improve writing skills: Grammarly helps you create more efficient, error-free writing wherever you write. If you are a current Grammarly user, you recognize you’ll use it to write down and edit almost anything, including the following:

  • Blog posts,
  • articles,
  • Stories
  • Books
  • Customer proposals
  • Professional emails and
  • Social media captions

Any data processing software can find misspelt words. Grammarly helps you recognize patterns in your writing and provides insight into your literary genre.

Are you using adverbs superfluously? ← Like this.

Do you have the habit of ending sentences with prepositions?

Are you abusing the passive voice?

Grammar is like having a private writing coach right in your browser, supplying you with real-time help and suggestions. It doesn’t require you to adopt a selected literary genre, but I will give insight into your style and tone. Style/tone analysis isn’t 100% accurate, but it’s still valid.

And let’s not forget the gamification aspect of Grammarly. Grammarly sends out weekly performance statistics emails. They tell you metrics like how your vocabulary has grown, what percentage consecutive weeks you’ve written, what percentage words you’ve checked in your copy, and more. These scoring features inspire and motivate you to stay writing.

Is grammar good for authors? And how. The app can handle any length of text. You’ll use Grammarly for novels and short stories directly in Google doc or Word doc.

How to improve on writing skills in English?!

Note for non-native English speakers: Grammarly helps you create a more authentic copy for English readers by helping you understand the nuances of the English language in your writing. The extra features of Grammarly Premium make it the most direct investment for non-native English speakers.

How to use Grammarly?

Okay, now for the critical question: how does one use Grammarly? and What Does The FREE Version Of Grammarly Do?

The first step is to check-in for the Grammarly service and installs the free browser extension.

Write your best with Grammarly for chrome: For Chrome users, attend the Chrome Web Store and look for Grammarly; click the increase Chrome button to start the installation. For other browsers, see the instructions here.

How to add Grammarly to Word: If you would like to use Grammarly in Microsoft Word, download the native Grammarly desktop application for PC or Mac.

Other installation options include Grammarly Keyboard for iOS and Android mobile devices and, therefore, the online grammar editor (you can copy and paste any text for review).

Proofreading and editing with grammar

When you see a green “G” within the lower right corner of your screen, Grammarly is correctly installed and prepared to unleash its replay and editing power.

If you see a grey circle with a “G,” there’s no got to worry. Grammarly recognizes that the text is long and asks your permission to proofread and edit it. All you’ve got to try is give Grammarly the green light to verify your text by pressing the YES, CHECK IT! button.

As you type, basic suggestions appear online (underlined in red).

To see why the text was flagged, hover over the underlined text. A little box will appear and display the rationale the text was faded with the change suggested by Grammarly. to accept the proposed change, click on the suggestion. Click “Ignore,” and Grammarly will remove the line below that text to ignore the request. It’s that straightforward.

As Grammarly finds potential errors in your text (false negatives do occur occasionally), the green “G” changes to a red circle showing the number of grammatical errors found in your text. The amount within the red process will decrease as you correct the errors. Clicking on the red circle. It will take you to more advanced editing suggestions available in Grammarly Premium.

Grammarly Free vs. Grammarly Premium: Is Grammarly Premium Worth It?

While the free version is helpful for writers of all skill levels, Grammarly Premium pays for itself quickly. If you’re a lively writer, Grammarly Premium is the best solution for having your work proofread by a person.

Grammarly Premium benefits

If you’re considering Grammarly Premium, here are a number of the perks to assist you together with your decision:

It marks more errors than the free version; offers quite 400 sorts of checking functions.

Provides the author with more specific suggestions like rephrasing, synonyms, vocabulary improvement, and citation suggestions

Accuracy of notes: grammar, spelling, and punctuation (main features of the free plan); adds consistency in spelling and punctuation and proficiency in Premium

Clarity: conciseness (the free version does), adds readability for Premium

Commitment: compelling vocabulary, sort of lively sentences

Delivery: tone detection, confident language, politeness, level of ritual, inclusive language

Analyzes and modifies the structure of sentences

It helps you make sure you’re using inclusive language not to offend certain audience members.

The software is consistently updated and is constantly improving

Highly customizable: set goals before you begin writing – Audience, formality, domain, tone – For freelance writers, you’ll set different settings for various clients. This enables you to be consistent within the brand’s style and, therefore, the voice of your other customers:

  • Detects plagiarism
  • Add words to the private dictionary
  • Ability to use native desktop applications (also free)
  • Access to the private editor on the Grammarly site (also free)
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office (also free)
  • Access to the private editor on the Grammarly site (also free)
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office (also free)

Check out more about Features of Grammarly Free.

How much does Grammarly Premium cost?

If you hired a contract editor to proofread, edit, and help rewrite your work, it could cost you around $ 45 / hour for the service. And if the editor is new to your writing, it’d take longer to finish the work.

Grammarly price:

Grammarly Premium acts as a private writing coach, proofreader, and editor for $ 29.95 / month (billed monthly), $ 19.98 / month (billed quarterly), or $ 139.95 (billed annually – breaks right down to $ 11.66 / month).

With all the time Grammarly helps you save, upgrading to Grammarly Premium is often a valuable investment in your writing career. This might be true even for the foremost experienced writer. Consider it as a life hack. Try Grammarly today!

In conclusion

In choosing between Grammarly Free and Grammarly Premium, do you have to upgrade to Grammarly Premium? Oh yes.

We believe Grammarly Premium is that the smart choice for beginners and high writers. The free version dramatically improves your writing skills, but upgrading to the Premium plan provides a more personalized experience for writers such as you at a low price.

Grammarly will also analyze your literary genre, suggest synonyms to enhance readability, and check for plagiarism (a crucial Premium feature for reviewing other people’s handwriting as I know you would not plagiarize anything).

Who should use Grammarly?

Free: Everybody

Despite its limitations, Grammarly (free version) may be a phenomenal tool. Therefore, I warmly recommend it to everyone. It’s free, and it’s convenient.

The free version should be everyone’s go-to tool for reviewing statuses, tweets, and comments on social media. It’s also crucial for editing all types of short texts, like emails. Professional writers also can use the free version to identify typos and basic grammatical errors.


  • Professional writers
  • Authors
  • Bloggers
  • Students
  • Companies that need significant writing
  • Marketing/advertisers
  • Content creators
  • Editors and proofreaders

In addition to all or any of the required features offered within the accessible version of Grammarly, Grammarly Premium provides several other valuable elements like a complicated clarity checker and a robust plagiarism checker. All of those assist you in improving your writing effectively.

Grammarly Premium may be a useful gizmo for people already fluent in English because it still takes tons of labour to seek out semantic errors. Businesses and professional writers who write tons should try the Premium version. Whether it’s writing, editing, proofreading, or checking for plagiarism, this is often almost an all-in-one solution (although it doesn’t replace a person’s corrector – a minimum of not yet).

Who shouldn’t use Grammarly?

Free :

  • Students
  • English learners

People, especially students who cannot learn from their mistakes, should avoid counting on Grammarly because it can hinder their learning process.

Indeed, instructional error cards and weekly writing stats (emailed to the user) can highlight your weak spots, but the education from there’s entirely up to you.

Just as AutoCorrect prevents people from learning the proper spelling, Grammarly can do an equivalent for learning grammar rules.


  • Amateur writers
  • Occasional users

Grammarly may be a useful widget, but it still makes mistakes, which may be misleading for amateurs who do not have a solid grasp of the English language. Therefore, if you’re not proficient in English enough, you should only subscribe to Grammarly Premium if you remember that it doesn’t replace a person’s teacher or proofreader. Or, you’ll still use the free version, which is proficient enough to see for basic grammar and spelling errors.

Additionally, businesses and professionals who don’t frequently use the software may persist with the free version if they feel they will not get the foremost out of the Premium version.

Grammarly Pricing Plans:

How much does Grammarly cost: Grammarly may be a bit pricey when purchased as a monthly subscription, which costs  $30 USD/month per month. Quarterly ($60 USD/three months (billed as one payment) and annual $144 USD/one year (billed as one payment) subscriptions offer better value. Grammarly occasionally provides discount offers to its free users through its weekly newsletter and other channels, which you’ll cash in of to urge a reasonable lower cost for the Grammarly Premium membership.

Grammarly Pricing Plans for Premium Version – Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly


Does Grammarly have a free trial :

Grammarly Free is restricted but still adequate for several because it gives you essential grammar and spelling checking capabilities. It is often utilized in all sorts of products.

How to get Grammarly Premium for free 2022


Grammarly Premium offers a complicated clarity checker, plagiarism checker, and experimental tone detector to the spelling and grammar checker. All Grammarly features are available for the Premium version.

From scoring to highlighting all errors and edits, Grammarly provides a comprehensive document that you can simply use to enhance your weak spots. Grammarly can function as your teacher in this regard if you learn from these mistakes and check out to improve your performance, especially in areas flagged by the software.

  • Grammarly functions
  • Spelling checker
  • Grammarly checks for spelling errors supported context. It’s excellent for differentiating commonly misspelled words. It also can distinguish common names from proper names (in most cases).
  • Grammar checker

Free grammar check and spelling:   

All Grammarly products, no matter plan, assist you in checking for grammatical errors and syntax issues within the delivered document in real-time.

Plagiarism checker

The plagiarism checker isn’t available for the free version. Adjust the goals

You can customize Grammarly’s comments to fit your needs. This feature gives you an adjustable table where you’ll set your preferences consistent with your needs. It helps you identify the document’s tone, the extent of difficulty consistent with the audience, and more.

Grammarly Adjust Goals

You can customize Grammarly’s comments to fit your needs. This feature gives you an adjustable table where you’ll set your preferences consistent with your needs. It helps you identify the document’s tone, the extent of difficulty consistent with the audience, and more.

Get help from an article expert.

Grammarly gives you the choice of getting your work verified by experts. This is often a very convenient option for those that cannot or don’t want to believe their proofreading skills instead of finding and hiring someone on their own.

Is Grammarly free?

Grammarly features a free version with a reasonably powerful spelling and grammar checker. It’s available altogether sorts of products – online editor, browser extension, desktop app, an add-on for Word. The free version checks up to 150 grammar rules.

It is ready to discover basic grammar mistakes because of its context-based verification, powered by robust AI and NLP software.

The free version doesn’t show the clarity issues. It reveals what percentage content clarity issues there are, but it doesn’t tell you what those issues are and where they’re.

What are the benefits of using Grammarly in 2021?

Context-based grammar checker

Grammarly evolves and has become quite precise at identifying common mistakes. Its extensive database helps Grammarly recognize errors supported context.

Real-time grammar and spell-checker

Grammarly checks all text for errors once you provide it with a document. Fortunately, it also contains mistakes once you write or edit your text, no matter the shape of the merchandise – Chrome extension, online editor, Word add-in, desktop app (Windows and Mac), and Grammarly keyboard for iOS and Android.

Accessible interface and robust editing

With Grammarly, you’ve got very efficient software, which isn’t only an outstanding editor but also incredibly easy to use.

Customizations – Define goals and a private dictionary

You can customize your goals and personal dictionary with error cards’ “Add to dictionary” function. This element is beneficial for correct nouns and unique vocabulary (even words from another language).

Clarity checker

Besides basic grammatical errors, Grammarly helps you correct linguistic oversights. It tracks a good range of mistakes, including hanging modifiers, complicated texts, split infinitives, passive abuse, redundancies, and lots of more errors. The clarity checker raises the bar in your writing.

Plagiarism checker

This is a bonus in every sense of the Word. It’d not be essential for the app, but it helps users. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker is not the best within the business, but it gets the work done fast. It checks for plagiarism on 16 billion pages on the web and within the ProQuest database.

Error Cards

Error maps are compact, simple, and informative. They perform their function with elegance. Any shortcomings you encounter in using Grammarly thus far are thanks to its database, which isn’t yet very extensive. Error cards also are insufficient when it involves giving suggestions for this exact reason. Otherwise, they’re generally practical.

Free version

The free version of the app allows you to proofread, remove typos, and quickly analyze content. You’ll also use it before purchasing the Grammarly Premium subscription.

Grammarly’s keyboard

Supported on Android and iOS, The Grammarly Keyboard app works because of the AutoCorrect feature. It gives real-time suggestions on the proper use of grammar and spelling in transcription. Grammarly is now available for the iPad and also supports hardware keyboards.

Grammarly Support

Grammarly provides customer support through its extensive database and email. Today most popular queries have an entry within the database. Additionally, the Grammarly blog helps to find out the principles of English grammar.


Grammarly has accumulated a plethora of data in its database, which helps keep the app running smoothly. This data enables the appliance to spot problems supported context. You’ll find precise solutions for many common issues because of its extensive database, enriched over time.

Grammarly Blog

The Grammarly Blog focuses on teaching English grammar rules and customary mistakes in writing. There are articles dedicated to every element; separate sections cover different punctuation like commas, hyphens, etc.

Writing stats

Weekly writing statistics emailed to you and detailed performance statistics downloadable in PDF format offer you comprehensive feedback on your writing. This feature helps you identify your mistakes better than anything available on the market.


Is Grammarly Premium well worth the cost?

The Premium version features advanced grammar issues like clarity, conciseness, dangling modifiers, squinty modifiers, monotonous sentences, complex texts, fractional infinitives, and lots more. It checks over 400 English grammar rules, which may be a lot quite the free version. Grammarly Premium also features a plagiarism checker within the interface, sufficient for an online plagiarism check.

Is Grammarly a simple app?

Yes, Grammarly sets itself aside from its competition with advanced context-specific grammar checking capabilities because of its tongue processing and up-to-date AI.

Is Grammarly Premium worth it?

Mostly yes. However, it’s a touch pricey for several. It’s suitable for professionals and businesses with high writing needs. It identifies several advanced grammar issues that the free version doesn’t address. However, it’s not a substitute for human proofreading because it can make linguistic errors that people can easily find.

Grammarly 2021 Review

Do Google Docs support Grammarly?

It is in beta at the instant. It should therefore be available shortly. For the moment, it’s imperfect because it only specifies the number of errors. You’ve got to scroll through the document to seek out these errors (underlined in red) for yourself. On the opposite hand, it’s already beginning to add the comments.

Does WordPress support Grammarly?

Yes, it’s supported. You’ll use Grammarly in WordPress through its browser extension.

Is Grammarly supported in Gmail?

Yes, it is. You’ll edit your email using the Grammarly browser extension in Gmail. However, this is often not the simplest solution for extended content. For long texts, the web editor, desktop app, and MS Word add-in are better options.

Does Grammarly work offline?

No, this is often not the case. Grammarly uses its database to run the app, so an online connection is required.

Does Grammarly assist you in Improve Your Writing?

Yes. Read Weekly Statistics, Detailed PDF Performance Statistics, and the Grammarly Blog for Grammar Rules and Writing Tips and check out to implement them into your writing. Grammarly can significantly improve your writing skills. Writing.

Is Grammarly Safe and Secure?

Yes, Grammarly is sort of safe, as verified by Google. Plus, Grammarly is as secure as the other site that uses SSL / TLS encryption. It’s also reliable for plagiarism checking because it doesn’t violate your privacy.

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