Do you like to know how to make money by Instagram? There are many possibilities. 

Where do creators go to make money? With a large amount of money flowing out of competing creators’ funds, Instagram does everything it can to open up new sources of revenue for the platform.

As more and more creators switch from sponsored content to audience monetization, Instagram’s diverse approach may make sense and make money.

You have probably heard stories from Instagram users who make money by Instagram from the photos they take and share every day. Perhaps you even looked at your own sizeable following and thought, “Maybe I can do this full-time too.” 

Just like the bloggers, YouTube users, and anyone who built audiences with the content they produced, Instagram users have recognized reach and influence – two things that many companies struggle with.

The combination of reach and influence allows Instagram creators to make money by Instagram and explore multiple potential sources of income, whether they are building an empire or want to make some extra money and free things.

How to make money by Instagram in 2022,

How to make money by Instagram-in-2022?

Depending on your unique brand Instagram content, your target audience, and their engagement, you can make money by Instagram in the following ways:

  • Work with brands on sponsored posts 
  • Sell your photos online or on things 
  • Open your own e-commerce store 
  • Create an Instagram shop 
  • Become an affiliate
  • Make money off your content
  • Write captions for businesses 
  • Work as a virtual assistant for an Instagram influencer and manage their account.
  • Work as a social media manager freelancer on marketing platforms like Fiver, Upwork, etc. 

How much money do you make from Instagram?

The best way to make money by Instagram in 2022 is to become an influencer. Big Brands or Marketers pay influencers to promote their brands or products, paying anywhere from $ 50 to $ 750,000 per publication, even if you don’t expect hundreds of thousands of dollars if you’re not a celebrity like Cristiano Ronaldo or Ariana Grande. 

Promotions can be in the form of mentions in messages, product reviews, or in the form of partnerships that include commissions, so-called affiliate marketing.

When it comes to standardizing ratings, the creator economy remains as cumbersome as the Wild West. How much money you can make by Instagram depends on your credentials, audience size, engagement, strategy, fuss, and a little bit of silly luck.

Here’s how much money do some creators make from Instagram in 2022:-

  • $1,600,000: According to a social media analyst firm, Cristiano Ronaldo can earn $ 1.6 million per posting on Instagram, more than any other celebrity.
  • $1,015,000: The amount of money “The Rock” made for a sponsored post in 2020.
  • $275,000: Kendall Jenner received in 2017 for a single Instagram post to promote the Fyre festival. She later had to pay a $ 90,000 fine for fraudulent and non-compliant advertising.
  • $102,000: @Goldenretriever projected annual revenue in 2020 with 1.9+ million Instagram followers.
  • $750 – $1,000: The amount charged by “influencer” Nick Cutsumpas (@farmernicknyc, over 63,000+ followers) for each sponsored post (up to three slides). For a two to three-minute IGTV video, it charges about $ 1,500.
  • $8,500: Robot Influencer “Lil Miquela” (@lilmiquela, 2.5+ million followers) makes for a sponsored post.
  • $250-$300: Most of the small influencers earn from a sponsored post, according to the CEO of Influencer Marketing Platform Heartbeat in an interview with “Business Insider.”
  • $300: The small influencers with 13,000+ followers reportedly make money by Instagram-sponsored videos.

How does Ronaldo make money from Instagram?

Cristiano Ronaldo has 402m+ followers, which is the highest rate on Instagram. And rapidly increasing!

According to social media analyst company Hopper, Cristiano Ronaldo is probably making more money than anyone else on the planet by sponsored Instagram posts. 

Also, according to News18, the top 15 richest footballers in the world list Cristiano Ronaldo is in 1st place on top 15th person.

In 2021, according to Hopper, Ronaldo has the highest rate of all social media personalities since the list began. 

Per the post, the cost of Ronaldo’s 336 million followers to display their product is $ 1.6 million.

At the moment, Ronaldo only has 12 brand partners. Let us take a look at them.

  • Pestana CR7 Lifestyle Hotels
  • 7EGEND
  • Insparya
  • Nike
  • Herbalife Nutrition
  • DAZN
  • Clear
  • MTG
  • Altice
  • FreeFire (Game)
  • CR7 Fitness
  • CR7 Footwear, CR7 Underwear, CR7 Denim, and CR7 Fragrances. (Personal brands)
make money by Instagram

How to make money with Instagram followers?

How many Instagram followers do you need to be a full-time influencer? You can make money with several thousand followers, but that will also depend on a few other things, including your account theme and your ability not to annoy people by constantly trying to sell products.

Do you like to increase your Instagram followers? Check out our details blog on How to get real Instagram followers.

The number of followers you need to make money by Instagram in 2022 depends on your industry. While you can make money with 1,000 followers or 1 million followers, remember to focus on engagement.

Small influencers with highly engaged audiences can be more valuable to brands than big celebrities with millions of followers. Remember, brands don’t just want post impressions and views; they want users to take actions like leads, email subscriptions, and sales.

Here are the top 3 ways on how to make money with Instagram followers:-

  • Sponsored post: Focusing on sponsored posts for brands looking to reach their audiences makes it the perfect vehicle to do so. If you have 1000+ followers and good engagement on your post, many brands will come after you to promote their Brand post for 50$ to 500$ per post.
  • Affiliate Program: Become an affiliate and earn money by selling products that belong to other brands. Affiliate program is the popular and best most effortless way to make money by Instagram. Check out more detail on Affiliate marketing.
  • Sell your Product: You can sell either a physical or digital product or even a service. Sell your photography or video. Even your can sell your merchandise or your own branded clothes.

Those are the best way to how to make money with Instagram followers. But remember, your Instagram post engagement is the GOLD!

How do I get Instagram followers fast? 

To quickly grow your Instagram followers, there are many different strategies that you could apply. Check out our detailed blog on How to get real Instagram followers.

Can you make money from Instagram filters?

If you’re in the monetization business, it pays to add a simple filter to your feed. Instagram has said that its user-generated photos and videos; and the ads generate more money for the company than professional, sponsored content.

You can search for any filters on Instagram and load them into story presets on the camera screen. Instagram Filters lets you add effects to selfies and videos, which you can post to all your followers or just to your close friend’s list.

In the Instagram “Story Effects Library,” you can search by category or manually search the filter using the search bar. You can preview the effect of the Instagram filter you’re looking for before downloading it to your camera filters.

How to use Instagram filters?

  • How to Use Instagram Filters-01.
  • How to Use Instagram Filters-02.
  • How to Use Instagram Filters-03.
  • How to Use Instagram Filters-04.
  • How to Use Instagram Filters-05.
  • Click in the top left of the screen on your Instagram profile picture or swipe right from anywhere in your feed. 
  • Swipe right to left at the bottom of the screen and select an effect. To see effects from independent creators, swipe all the way to the left and tap. 
  • Tap to take a photo or tap and hold to take a video.

How to make money selling Instagram accounts?

If you don’t like the above way on how to make money by Instagram, don’t worry; there is another way you can make money by Instagram.

You can sell your Instagram(IG) account to many well-known websites like Fameswap, Insta-sale, Socialtradia, etc. 

Selling an Instagram account is not so easy. For this, you need to be patient and dedicated. You need to daily post on Instagram to make you trusty and royal audience. 

Below we share a table of how much you could sell your Instagram account:

FollowersAvg. Price


How many followers are needed on Instagram to make money?

The answer is … it depends! If you find this answer disappointing, listen to me. 

When brands want to partner with influencers, they want to know that their marketing budget is well spent. What brands are really looking for is how well engaged your audience is, regardless of the number of followers, as it means more product awareness and potential sales for them. Brands also pay attention to how their number of followers and engagement rate match their niche and the quality of their posts.

What can I do on Instagram to make money in 2022?

You can make money by Instagram in 5 significant ways, such; 

  • Work with Brands or Sponsor Ads. 
  • Promote products as an Affiliate 
  • Sell your own products
  • Write Captions for others
  • Manage others IG accounts

For more about it, check our blog.

How to make money from Instagram page?

Many of you ask how I can make money by Instagram Page. 

The answer is Instagram doesn’t have a page. This feature is available on Facebook. But you can create an Instagram Business account.

How does Ronaldo make money from Instagram?

Cristiano Ronaldo makes money from Instagram-sponsored posts.

Currently, he is working with 12 brands. Also, he promotes his personal brands such as CR7 Footwear, CR7 Underwear, CR7 Denim, and CR7 Fragrances. He can charge $1.6m per Instagram sponsor post.

What does Instagram pay for 1 million followers?

On average, an influencer makes $ 2,970 per month

However, there are significant differences in income between the accounts, especially depending on the number of followers, engagement, and category. Micro-influencers (between 1k and 10k followers) earn an average of 1,420 US dollars per month; 

Megafluencers (over 1+ million followers) could make $ 15,356 per post.

What happens when you get 1 million followers on Instagram?

While influencers can earn marketing partnerships with just 10,000 followers, the rewards are typically free products or up to $ 150. Once they hit 1 million followers, the payouts increase dramatically, up to $ 15,000 per post and sometimes the company’s capital.

The high engagement rates are constant. There is no purpose in posting content on Instagram if your followers don’t see it or interact with it.

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