Most of us are confused about how to make money online. Many think it is fake; again, many think it is not possible by me. But I think making money online is not rocket science anyway. With a little effort and time, it is possible to make a good quality income online. Your patience, work ethic and technical experience will take you to your goal.

Are you looking to make money online in one month?

I think the answer for many of us would be yes. Almost at least 80%. Another 20% think to make money online is gamble or Aladdin’s lamp. If your answer is ‘yes,’ then continue the rest of the content. I believe you will find your solution to make money online in one month.

Now you think, how can I start making money online in one month?

Cool! In this tutorial, I will tell you the ultimate guide on how to make money online in one month. Don’t believe this? Okay, stay with me.

Best Way To Make Money Online In 2022

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make money online relatively quickly and easily. But of course, you have to work hard, make mistakes and learn from mistakes.

There are two easy ways to earn money online. One is to sell one’s product to others and the other is to sell one’s labor. Selling products is called Digital Marketing and selling labor is called Freelancing.

Now you are confused about my title. In the title, I have written Affiliate Marketing. Well, Affiliate Marketing neither Digital Marketing nor Freelancing. What is it?

Affiliate Marketing is a way of passive income. When it comes to making money online, most of us do not have any skills or products to sell online. The question arrives then how can I make money online or what is the easiest way to make money online without having experience or product? 

The first answer is you can make money online without having experience or product. The way is affiliate marketing. For the rest of the tutorial, I will tell you about the best strategies of affiliate marketing for beginners to advance.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a commission-based job. Suppose a person wants to sell his product online, but he can’t get his product to the right people. As a result, he could not earn a good income. You sell the product on his behalf and he gives you some commissions. It is called revenue sharing. All the process goes through the affiliate ID or affiliate link.

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.”

Pat Flynn:

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

make money online

Source: JustLearnWP

To make affiliate marketing, three separate teams must be involved because affiliate marketing plays an essential role in product marketing.

  1. The seller or product creator
  2. The affiliate or advertiser
  3. The consumer

The seller or product creator: 

Seller or product creator means the person or corporation who is the product owner, the vendor or retailer. The seller may be a solo businessperson or a significant initiative. The product can be digital or physical. 

A digital product means a product which has not a physical substance. An excellent example of a digital product is software.

There are a lot of digital products now in the online market like video courses, e-book, photography, web elements, research and data, tutorials and guides, software programs, recipes, apps, podcasts, swipe files, templates and calculators, patterns, graphics arts and bundles, etc.

We all know about physical products. Any goods that can physically touch, sell and ship to the consumer are called physical products.

The affiliate or advertiser:

It is also known as a publisher. The affiliate or publisher is an advertising partner of the seller or product creator. In other words, the affiliate promotes the product to the consumers by making campaigns or advertising and convince them to purchase a product. If the consumer does end up buying a product, the affiliate starts to earn revenue.

Generally, affiliates target the consumer differently; they research audience interests, necessity and finally promote a product.

The consumer:

The driver of any business is the consumer, whether you believe it or not. Consumer means the person who buys a product. Affiliates share their products with their affiliate link on social media, blogs and websites.

The consumers buy the products; the seller shares his profits with the affiliate. 

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

As an affiliate marketer, the product owner will pay you on a commission basis for your performance. The following are three types of performance-based models for affiliate marketing:

1. Pay Per Click (PPC): 

In the process, the customer will move from the affiliate’s marketing platform to the merchant’s website via their link; this means the affiliate forces the customer to purchase the product from their authorized company. The merchant pays the affiliate based on the number of clicks on the affiliate’s link.

2. Pay Per Lead (PPL):

This is the more complicated way of getting paid. This occurs in action. The consumer visits the merchant’s website through the affiliate’s link and completes the desired action, whether fill up a form, sign up, subscribe to a newsletter or download any file. 

3. Pay Per Sale (PPS):

This is the standard and most common program of affiliate commission. In this program, the merchant fixed the commission before. The commission varies from 5% to 50%. It depends on the products. The digital products commission rate is higher than physical products. The merchant pays the commission for products to the affiliate after the consumer purchases the product.

Why should I become an affiliate marketer?

We have learned about affiliate marketing before. Now it’s time to make a question: why should I learn affiliate marketing over other online marketing like Digital Marketing or Freelancing?

Well, I can give you hundreds of benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer.

You can do Digital Marketing or Freelancing after learning Affiliate Marketing.

Are you confused?

Let’s think about traditional marketing. In traditional marketing, we can do business if we have capital or strategy. By doing affiliate marketing, you will get capital and business strategy. Let’s talk about Freelancing. 

Do you know what Freelancing is?

Freelancing is a contract-based profession or job where a person works for a person or company. The company will pay you if you work for the company. It can be any work.

When you learn affiliate marketing, you will learn marketing strategies, product promotions, content writing, niche research, keyword research, and many things that will cover the rest of the tutorial. You can do Freelancing jobs after learning affiliate marketing.

The other benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer:

#1 Passive Income:  

In the case of ordinary jobs, we are paid for as long as we work. If you are asleep and the product you wanted to sell is sold and you get your commission, what happens? That is called passive income. 

It is possible in affiliate marketing. And it is the beauty of affiliate marketing, you spend a small amount of investment for a campaign and you will see a continuous return of revenue. 

Even when you are not in front of your computer, your marketing skills will bring you uninterrupted income.

#2 Work from home:

For the person who does not like to work in the office, the easy solution is affiliate marketing. You will be able to earn from home if you can run a campaign properly to the right audience. It is a job that you can do at home sitting under a blanket or lying down.

#3 No customer support:

In the case of private companies or sellers of goods, they need to sell the product and ensure the quality of the product and the satisfaction of the consumer. 

But when it comes to affiliate marketing, you don’t have to worry about these things. You sell the product by your affiliate link and don’t worry about whether the product is good or bad. 

However, in the case of affiliation, you have to keep this in mind so that the customer can trust your words later.

4 Cost-effective:

Starter fees require almost all types of business. Affiliate marketing also requires fees but a very little quantity. I am sure you can not start a business with $50 to $60 nowadays. Affiliate marketing is a business that you can start with very little money or cost-free. Besides, there are some tricks that you can create a cost-free affiliate business.

5 Performance-based rewards:

In the case of a general job, your salary is fixed no matter how many hours you work, but your income in affiliate marketing depends on your skills. 

The more innovative you are, the more your income will increase. If you can deliver the campaign to the right buyer, you can earn extra income.

Beyond that, I can tell you about a thousand more benefits now. Let’s get to the real thing, how will we start affiliate marketing.

How will we start affiliate marketing?

Here I am going to tell you to step by step how we will start affiliate marketing.

Step #1: Decide on a platform:

There are many platforms for affiliate marketing. 

  • Facebook Page
  • Youtube Channel
  • Instagram
  • Quora
  • Blog / Website
  • Email Marketing

There are free platforms and some are paid. You can do it on any platform.

Social media is now included in every moment of our lives. A good example of this is Facebook. 

You can promote your affiliate links through a Facebook page. Create a Facebook page, share your opinion, increase your fans and followers and earn money through your affiliate link. 

Follow the link on how to create a Facebook page. Read the Facebook Affiliate Marketing Complete Guide.

However, It is easier to build an audience and increase sales via the Youtube channel. Just upload good-quality videos to YouTube. 

You know that well. It doesn’t matter to make a video about the product you want to promote.

make money online

Instagram is another popular medium of affiliate marketing. The primary strategy of Instagram is to open an account of your niche related upload photos. Instagram allows you to use 30 Hashtags. Use hashtags in your every post to get more influence.

make money online

The question answering site is Quora. You can get a huge audience from quora just to answer the questions of people. We are facing various problems every day and are asking questions in different ways. In Quora, You will find your product-related issues and do affiliate marketing of your product and answer them.

Starting a blog is relatively easy nowadays. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet on starting a blog at a low cost. Once your site is up, begin to write content related to your product. The content may be product descriptions, pros and cons, reviews, etc. 

If you have your website, then 80% of your affiliate marketing work becomes more comfortable. Almost every affiliate marketer has a website.

Not only affiliate marketing, if you have a personal website, but you can also make money online in many other different ways like google AdSense.

Learn How to make a website.

Through Email Marketing, we send an email to many people at once. With it, you can promote your product, business or service to thousands of people at once with one email. You can also call this process email broadcasting.

Step #2: Coming up with a niche or product idea

What exactly is a niche?

A targeted product or service that you served well is called a niche in the language of affiliate marketing. Previously, we have discussed products that we can promote as our affiliate products.

make money online

The picture shows the small category of amazon. Girls Fashion category and also have subcategories. Each category and subcategory is a niche. But there is a difference between category and subcategories. If you choose “Girls’ Fashion” as a niche, it would be a big niche. On the other hand, the subcategories are microniches. Comparatively, working with a micro-niche is more comfortable than a big niche. 

make money online

The above picture shows the category of the Templatemonstar website. Here, it is a niche example of digital products.

How to get a profitable niche for affiliate marketing?

A beginner affiliate marketer gets stuck choosing a niche. Most of us fall into a dilemma while choosing a niche. Well, I have a solution for you. I must keep in mind HWR when I choose niches. H means Health, W means Wealth and R means Relationship. Read the blog How to find the Most Profitable Evergreen Niches for Information Products you will find the solution.

Step #3: Find affiliate programs to join.

Finding affiliate programs is not a big deal because almost every company provides affiliate promotion partnerships nowadays. There are some reputed companies that are famous for giving high rating commissions. Some lists are given below.

  1. Amazon Associate Affiliate Program
  2. Flipkart affiliate program
  3. Go Daddy (Domain & Hosting)
  4. Namecheap (Domain & Hosting)
  5. Envato (Themes, Plugins and Software)
  6. JVZoo
  7. Commission Junction 

ShareASale Affiliate

  1. eBay Partners
  2. Shopify Affiliate Partners

This list is just an idea of affiliate program providers, not a complete solution to finding affiliate program providers. If you want to do more research on it, read Top 16 Affiliate Marketing Websites & Programs For 2021. 

Step #4: Create great content:

Content is the heart of affiliate marketing. To become a successful affiliate marketer, you have to put good quality content on your affiliate platform.

Content means information about your product. It may be a video, an article or an image. Overall it is a presentation of your product to your audience.

Currently, creating video content is one of the most straightforward jobs. By creating video content, you can easily showcase the benefits of your product to the audience. The most comfortable platform is youtube to publish your video content.

make money online

Good quality content can turn the core of your entire business. 

Writing content is another way to showcase your products. If you can write an informative and up-to-date article, then your business’s success will skyrocket when it joins the first page of Google.

make money online

And when you rank a few articles like this in the Google search engine, it doesn’t matter that you can’t hire your customers.

You can write content by yourself. If you do not have enough time or have an available budget, you can hire a content writer. 

If you do not have enough budget, you can write content by yourself. You can read Content Writing | How to write a successful article? If you face a problem writing content.

Step #5: Drive traffics to your affiliate site

Without traffic, your affiliate site is worthless. The success of affiliate marketing depends on your actual traffic. 

There are two ways to drive traffic to your affiliate site. One is a free method and another is paid.

  1. Free Traffic:

Getting free traffic and making money online is not a simple way. There are some logical ways to get traffic on your website. 

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial factor in getting free traffic. There are almost 200 google ranking factors, according to Backlinko.

make money online

 Source: 21centuryweb

You can read Nine great ways to generate traffic for your affiliate offers to drive traffic to your website.

2. Paid Traffic

If you have enough money, you can do paid marketing to drive traffic to your affiliate site. Google Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Twitter Advertising, Youtube Advertising are the popular ways of paid marketing.

Nowadays, a majority of affiliate marketers do paid marketing. It is easy to get actual traffic. You can target and re-target your traffic by using a paid campaign.

Step #6: Get clicks on your affiliate links.

Now you have enough traffic. It doesn’t mean you will get clicks on your affiliate links unless links aren’t used properly.

It would be best if you considered a few things.

  1. Link Placement:

In the case of videos on YouTube, the affiliate links are usually given in the description.

When it comes to blogging or content writing, where the link in the affiliate sites will depend on your writing.

In reading the content, the reader usually enters the link after reading the first 5-6 lines. If you put the affiliate link below the content, then the chances of clicking on the link are rare.

make money online

On the other hand, if you use the affiliate link in every line, it will fall into spamming.

It would help if you balanced affiliate link placement with other on-page SEO factors.

2. Context

Let’s say you are writing an article on the Top 10 Most Popular WordPress Theme.

Your introduction should not be like this.

Here, I am going to talk about top ten most Popular WordPress Theme.

These affiliate links are not contextually correct and spamming.

If you write like this, your text will be smarter:

WordPress is a highly used CMS (Content Management System) in the web design and development industry. It is famous for its built-in themes and plugins. I am going to review the top ten Themes. The most popular one is Blocksy theme.

My second choice is the Elementor Pro.

3. Callouts:

Callouts mean to use the call to action buttons like line, arrow or similar graphics.

Buttons, tables and boxes can help to attract your readers’ attention.

It also helps the post be more skimmable.

For example, the below image shows a table of content of the overall post that helps the reader to skim the post at a glance.

make money online

Final Thoughts:

Making money online is not a super-easy way, but it can change your life. 

These are the fundamentals of affiliate marketing through which you can start making money online. 

Focus on your first affiliate sale. Start your affiliate business, set up your site.

When your site grows, set up new goals.

Eventually, this affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online.

Got a question? Leave your question in the comment box. I will try to give you a complete solution. 

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